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SIA Licence

Wondering, how much does an SIA Security Licence actually cost?

This is the common question asked among those who are looking to work in the security industry.

What is the SIA?

The Security Industry Authority (SIA), is a self-regulating organization responsible for effectively regulating the private security industry across the United Kingdom. It was created under the Private Security Industry Act 2001, in order to reduce criminality, raise standards and recognize quality service.

The SIA licence was created to control the security industry. It allows you to work as a security guard, door supervisor, CCTV operator as well as Close protection Officer. Licensing guarantees that private security operatives are properly trained and qualified to do their jobs in the security industry,

Each of these roles has a licence so deciding which one you want to apply for is important and all of these licences last for 3 years.


SIA Licence


Who needs an SIA licence?

As per the Security Industry Act 2001, it is mandatory for all those who work in the security industry to undertake SIA Training and own a recent, valid SIA licence. If you need an SIA badge, you’ll need to take the right SIA courses and pass the exams before applying. You must also need a First Aid qualification, as from April 2021 it will become mandatory for all Door Supervisors and Security Guards to be First Aid qualified to work in the Private Security Industry.

Here are some of the popular security jobs for which you’ll require an SIA licence:

  • Door supervisor
  • Public space surveillance (CCTV)
  • Security Guard
  • Close protection
  • Cash and valuables in transit
  • Vehicle immobilising

At Bright Learning Centre, we have experienced SIA training experts for years, who will provide you with the Best SIA Security Training Courses in Leicester and help you to apply and prepare for your SIA licence. 

How much does an SIA licence cost?

The SIA security licence cost is £190, including the cost of processing your application and is not refundable. The licence is valid for three years.

You need to renew your SIA security licence after 3 years. This can be done online, either by the employer or the applicant itself. It is a legal requirement that all security staff hold a valid SIA licence.

In some situations, the burden of paying for the renewal of the SIA security licence after every 3 years, can be given to your employers. You will be able to claim tax relief against your taxable income if you pay your own SIA security licence fee.

If you hold an SIA badge and need more than one licence as part of your role., the cost of the licence will be discounted by 50%. This only applies to holding a second licence, any third or fourth licences will be charged at full price.

For more information about the 50% discount, visit the Security Industry Authority website.

How to work in the security industry?

If you are looking to work in the security industry as a Door Supervisor, Security Guard or CCTV Operator, you will need to get an SIA Licence.

To get an SIA badge, you will need to complete an SIA Security Course and then apply for an SIA Licence and work in the security sector.




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