SIA Door Supervisor questions and answers UK - FAQs
SIA Door Supervisor questions and answers UK – FAQs
CCTV skills on resume
CCTV skills on resume- Which skills do CCTV operators need on their resume?
CCTV Operator skills- Which skills do CCTV operators need to have

CCTV operator skills- Which skills do CCTV operators need to have?

CCTV Operator skills- Which skills do CCTV operators need to have

Not every security guard is cut out to be a CCTV operator because the position has specific prerequisites. As a CCTV operator, you keep people’s lives, property, and data safe from harm. What qualifications do you need to start a career as a CCTV operator in the security sector? To assist you obtain the SIA CCTV license, we will go over the necessary abilities for surveillance operators below. This article encapsulates the CCTV operator skills and most common requirements for the CCTV operator job cadre.

What are the fundamental CCTV operator skills?

Following are a few of the most common demands that the CCTV operator job cadre puts forth:

1. Familiarity with contemporary CCTV security systems

The constant need for protection from potential hazards drives advancements in the security sector.

Criminals and offenders are constantly devising new ways to get over security systems and injure defenseless bystanders.

CCTV operators must thus make every effort to ensure that the best security solutions are set up and prepared to shield the victims from danger.

To improve the security of their client’s properties, they must educate themselves on the newest surveillance equipment and share this knowledge with them.

2. Knowledge of site layout

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Being familiar with the site map where a CCTV operator operates is one of their most important talents.

Security professionals must be familiar with the site layout as they base their decisions on surveillance and camera feeds.

What knowledge do you require?

  • The cameras’ exact positions (it is preferable to set camera IDs for accurate locations)
    site expertise
  • Dark regions, or areas that may not be seen by cameras
  • Excellent connection with the patrol officers on the move

3. Methods for visual inspection

These days, CCTV systems can identify heat, motion, or an individual’s departure from a security zone, but the intricate decision-making process depends on a human watching the CCTV footage.

Visual assessment procedures are thus the most important ability for CCTV operators.

How can you identify impending security risks?

  • Watch the video to see what has changed since the last view.
  • Search for dangerous objects, machinery, firearms, or even persons.
  • Find the threats by identifying the anomalies in the video.
  • Observe how people behave and act to identify culprits.

4. Detection of Behavior

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A CCTV operator must be skilled at behavioral detection because they can only identify threatening or suspicious activity via a camera.

By behaviors, we mean that for a surveillance operator to identify new dangers, they must be aware of nonverbal clues.

Position of posture

It reveals a lot about a person’s attitude, such as if they are protective, offensive, apprehensive, or suspicious. Here are a few instances:

Posture Interpretation
Hands up Defensive
Folded arms Defensive
Shaking head Defensive
Leaning forward Aggressive
One leg forward Aggressive
Tense Aggressive
Quick movement Nervous
Twitching around Nervous
Rigid Walk Suspicious

Individual Space

When engaging with others, people keep what is known as personal space. Establishing personal space facilitates the discovery of interpersonal relationships.

  • Partner or family: less than 15 cm (partner) | 15–45 cm (family)
  • Personal: 46 cm to 1.2 m (Related professionally)
  • Social: 1.2 m to 3.6 m (Weak)
  • 3.6m+ in the public (Strangers)

Maintain Eye Contact

As with posture, making eye contact facilitates comprehending behavior. Even though it’s difficult to see on CCTV footage, you can tell if someone is making eye contact by their posture and personal space.

People usually avoid making prolonged eye contact with strangers. Therefore, you can use it to get a sense of what two or more individuals are planning.


Suspicious individuals may utilize gestures as a means of communication. Examine the hand or finger signals closely to decipher their communication; you may be able to grasp the scenario better if you are aware of the social or cultural background.

5. Reporting and Documentation

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Working in security in the UK requires you to handle a lot of paperwork and reporting.

Additionally, along with other required documentation, a CCTV operator has to prepare correct inspection reports.

In addition, they are required under confidentiality protocols to keep an inventory of CCTV video.

6. Capacity to decide quickly but thoughtfully

To take action, you might need to get involved in the incident yourself or, in certain cases, notify patrol personnel.

Making thoughtful decisions quickly and analytically is essential to thwarting any dangerous threats or attacks.

Therefore, having good analytical and critical evaluation skills is a must for a CCTV operator.

7. Taking on multiple tasks at once

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For those who struggle with multitasking, the job of a CCTV operator can be quite demanding. They carry out several tasks concurrently, including keeping an eye on individuals via cameras and acting when they see questionable activity.

To get beyond any barriers to the safety of people and property, they must be alert, concentrated, and physically fit.

And that’s it! That’s a wrap on our two cents regarding CCTV operator skills and the most common demands that the job puts forth. We hope we were able to provide you with all the information you need at the moment. In case you need any further clarification, please feel free to contact us or head over to any of our learning centers on Evington Road or Melton Road, where we await you with open arms.



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