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Top 10 Tips to Pass Your Driving Theory Test

Learn how to pass the driving theory test first time.

1. Book the test

You will need to book your Driving theory test at one of the approved test centers. You can book your test here.

Make sure you have your provisional license and debit/credit card in hand as you will need to fill in your provisional license details and pay £23 for the booking.

2. Prepare for your test

Make sure you have plenty of time to prepare for your test. In your actual test, you will be given 50 multiple-choice questions on a computer screen. You will have to correctly answer 43 to pass the test. Therefore make sure you have studied official DVSA learning material before you go for your actual test.

3. Read questions carefully

Make sure you have read and understood the questions carefully before you answer them. You would be surprised how many wrong answers you can avoid just by reading and understanding what the question is actually asking.

4. Don’t memorize the questions and answers

There are hundreds of online websites where you can practice your multiple-choice questions. You should bear in mind that the questions in the exam may be a little different compared to the ones you practice on these websites. That said, it’s still better to practice mock tests rather than going in blind for your Driving Theory Test. 

5. Practice for the Hazard Perception Test

Your driving theory test is divided into two parts:

• Multiple choice questions and
• Hazard perception test.

You will only get a pass certificate if you have cleared both tests in the same attempt, to receive your certificate.

The hazard perception test will have 14 video clips where you would have to click on potential or oncoming hazards. You will need to gain 66 marks out of 75 to pass the hazard perception test.

To pass this test, be careful and alert while the video is playing. Only click when you have seen the hazard. Clicking too early or too late will lose you marks.

At Bright Learning we can teach you tips and tricks that you need to pass your test the first time.

6. Mock Test

Mock tests help you get acquainted with the paper pattern and hence provide you with an extra advantage when it comes to clearing your exam. Mock tests also help you in assessing your level of preparation, making it easy for you to sail through your exam with flying colors.

On the day

7. Give yourself plenty of time

On the test day make sure you have plenty of time to get to the test center so that you turn up calm and well-rested rather than stressed and frazzled. Make sure to arrive at the venue a minimum of 20-30 minutes before your test starts. Make all necessary arrangements a day or two prior to the test.

8. Do not forget your Provisional License

Make sure you take your provisional license with you on the test day. You will not be allowed to sit in the test without your provisional license and your test fee won’t be refunded either.

9. Flag Tricky Questions

In the Actual Driving theory test you will have 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions. If you get stuck on a question, do not waste time on it. You can flag the question as unanswered and move to the next one. Once you answered rest of the questions, come back and check your flagged questions to answer at the end.

10. Why choose Bright Learning to prepare and pass the Driving Theory Test

At the Bright Learning Centre, we are fully aware that every learner is different so using the same teaching method for all learners will not help. We recognize individual learning needs to provide relevant support needed to pass the test. Following are the reasons that learners choose Bright Learning Centre to pursue vocational courses:

• Free Initial Assessments
• Pay once until you pass
• Different Teaching & Learning Approaches
• 99% pass rates
• Flexible classes
• Weekend & Evening Classes
• Multilingual, Helpful and Experienced Tutors
• Friendly and comfortable Learning Environment
• Learner pass their test First Time

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