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Level 2 Food & Hygiene Course:

The Level 2 Food Safety qualification will give food handlers the legally required certification to work in the catering and hospitality sector.
There are certain regulations from the EU that food businesses in the UK must comply with. The businesses in the food services sector must ensure that staff who handle or prepare food are sufficiently instructed, trained and supervised to carry out their work. Our Level 2 Food Safety/Food Hygiene course has been developed with this in mind and is aimed at anyone within the hospitality or catering sectors.
Our Food Safety training covers the essential aspects of food hygiene and safety during all stages of food handling, so that you can minimise food safety hazards and ensure that the food you work with remains safe for customers to eat. You will also learn about the legal responsibilities of working with food and how to comply with the law.

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This course is available to study in Classroom only.

Course Price: £85.00
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Course overview

Our Food Safety training covers the essential aspects of food hygiene and safety during all stages of food handling, so that you can minimise food safety hazards and ensure that the food you work with remains safe for customers to eat. You will also learn about the legal responsibilities of working with food and how to comply with the law.

Food and Hygiene Course Leicester Course is Suitable for:

Our Level 2 Food Hygiene Course certification is suitable for anyone working within the catering industry. It covers a range of topics and leaves you fully prepared for the procedures and practicalities of the catering industry.The skills, knowledge and expertise that you will gain from this course will enable you to work confidently, competently and safely in the food services industry.
We at Bright learning, provide the Food & Hygiene course in Leicesterto those who are looking to work in the hospitality, leisure, restaurant, fast-food, and other food industries. Candidates will get the certificate of Food and Hygiene course after completing the training.

Study Method:

At Bright Learning centre, this course is delivered by our qualified and experienced tutors. We deliver this course to meet individual’s needs, therefore you can complete this course by the following method:

Classroom-Based Learning:

We deliver this course in classroom based environment only. It is 6 days course including first Aid qualification. Learners must attend all 6 days to gain this qualifcation. 


You will be assessed on each course units seperately. Each unit will be assessed by a Multiple choice exam. For each question, you will have to choose the correct answer from 4 options provided to you.

  • This unit 4 is also assessed by practical observations while demonstrating physical Intervention Skills. 

All of the assessments will be conducted within the course duration. You will also writing evidential statement and completing the search scenario.

We understand that exams can be daunting or nervous for many candidates. Many candidates on the course have not sat an examination in a long time. The trainer on the course will equip you with all the knowledge needed to pass.

Course content

Our classroom based Level 2 Food and Hygiene Course in Leicester covers all you need to know about safely handling and serving food. 

• The importance of food safety and hygiene
• Personal Hygiene
• The Impact of food-borne illness
• The effects of temperature control
• Food Safety Hazards and their Control
• Keeping the workplace Clean and Hygienic
• The importance of appropriate storage
• The use of a food safety management system
• The structure of Food premises and Pest Controls
• Personal and legal responsibilities

Extra info

Entry Requirements:

There is no formal requirement for this course as long as the candidate has basic functional skills (Numeracy and Literacy)

What certificate am I going to receive?

Successful candidates will receive a Level 2 Award in Door Supervision certificate from an awarding body within England and Wales who are currently recognised by Ofqual and Department for Education and Skills.

Awarding Body

PEARSON is an Awarding Organisation recognised by the qualification regulators for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The regulators are the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) in England, the Welsh Government in Wales and the Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) in Northern Ireland.

PEARSON aim to provide qualifications that meet the needs of industry. They are designed by leading professionals and delivered to centres and learners with integrity and compliance in mind.

What careers can I choose with this qualification?

Learners who will successfully complete Level 2 Award in working as Door Supervisor are eligible to work as Security guard or Door Supervisor. You will be able to work in Private Security Industry such as bars, pubs, clubs and other licenced premises at public events. The average salary for door supervisor is £17000 – £22000 per annum.

What is the learning process at Bright Learning Centre?

You can register to the course by paying online, bank transfer or booking an appointment at one of our centre. Once you have registered for the course, we will follow the following steps to help you complete your learning journey:

• Booking the session according to your availability
• Computer based training for 3- 4 hours
• Multiple choice test at the end of the training.


The Advanced Professional Certificate in Food Hygiene and Standards Control (APC-Food) is a qualification required for anyone who works in a catering, manufacturing or retail setting where food is prepared, cooked, and handled. This provides assurance that our food is safe and is what it says, including those delivering food official controls. Candidates must pass a practical exam in Food Identification.

Typically, the course duration is 3 – 4 hours. However, the course access is 24/7 with progress saved by the system.

Food Hygiene and Safety certificates will never expire. Even, there is no legal requirement for you to renew the certificate. However, it is recommended to undertake refresher training at least once every three years.

The final exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions with a pass mark of 80%. If in case of an unsuccessful attempt, there is no charge for resits.

Food hygiene certificate is not compulsory, but it is strongly recommended by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and other official bodies across UK. Like other large and small food businesses, food hygiene and safety are just as important when you are selling cakes from home.


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