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Driving Theory Training

Passing the Driving Theory Test can be challenging for some people. In UK you have to pass Driving Theory and Practical Test to be able to get your driving licence. Following are some reasons why people struggle to pass their Driving Theory Test:

  • Full time education
  • Too busy to practice driving theory test
  • Not motivated enough
  • First language is not English, unable to pass the test because of language difficulties
  • Failed first time and lost their interest
  • Learning difficulties such as dyslexia
Bright Learning Centre is an accredited training provider in the further education sector, to teach vocational and short courses. Our support has helped many students pass their Driving Theory Test in the first time. We have a 99% success rate.

At Bright Learning Centre, we offer classroom based driving theory test preparation of:

What is the theory test?

The car and motorcycle theory test is a mandatory test put in place by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) to ensure road safety for all users. Our classes for Driving Theory Practice can help you to overcome your learning difficulties. We also provide support for Driving Theory Test booking in Leicester.

There are two parts to the Driving Theory Test:

Multiple Choice Questions – 50 questions and you need to score 43 to pass.
Hazard Perception – 14 video clips, you need to score 44 out of 75 to pass the test.

Join us now by registering for Driving Theory Practice for online or classroom based learning.

What will I Learn?

At Bright Learning Centre, we provide computer based training for Driving Theory Test. We have experienced tutors who continue help many students to pass their Driving Theory Test. You will have a dedicated tutor who will teach you on a one to one basis. If you have never studied any driving theory study material before or have given the test before but failed, you don’t need to worry, we are here to help. You will learn following topics to prepare for your test:

• Alertness
• Attitude
• Documents
• Hazard awareness
• Incidents, accidents and emergencies
• Safety and your vehicle
• Safety margins
• Vulnerable road users
• Other types of vehicle
• Road conditions and vehicle handling
• Motorway Rules
• Rules of the road
• Roads and traffic signs
• Vehicle loading.

We will also prepare you for Hazard perception test to ensure you pass your test first time. Each learner practice multiple mock tests and hazard perception videos before we can send them to go for your actual test.

What is the learning process at Bright Learning Centre?

You can register onto the course by paying online, bank transfer or booking an appointment at one of our centres. We deliver Driving Theory Training in following ways:

Classroom Based Learning

We deliver driving theory training in flexible classes available during the weekdays and weekends. To start the training we complete following steps:
• An initial assessment with the learner to find their level of English and understanding
• Recognise any difficulties to support individuals' learning needs
• Individual learning plan to make your learning journey easier
• Begin your learning process by arranging suitable classes for you

Online training

Once you register for online training, you will receive online login details within 24 hours of your purchase. On our e-learning portal, you will be able to learn chapter wise, a brief summary of all the topics. You will also be completing practice tests for each chapter.

Why choose Bright learning for driving theory?

At Bright learning, we have qualified and experienced staff who work hard to ensure our learners pass their theory test first time. Following are the reasons why you should choose us to pass your driving theory test:

• Our tutors use a variety of teaching methods such as: one to one support, PowerPoint presentations, brief notes and regular mock exams.
• We have Small group classes
• Flexible classes timing available
• Morning, afternoon and evening sessions available
• Our tutors create individual learning plan to meet each individual’s learning needs.
• We cover driving theory and hazard perception training
• We also offer support in booking your test at no extra cost
• 99 % pass rates
• One to one training available
• Although not all of our learners need translation, we do have multilingual members of staff who have successfully trained learners by speaking and understanding the following languages: Urdu, Hindi, Gujrati, Punjabi, Bengali and Katchi.
• Pass your test first time
• Fast track training
• Driving theory test practice onlineLeicester
• Quiet and friendly learning Environment
• Regular feedback to learners to help them improve their learning journey
• We provide continuous support and guidance to build your confidence.
• Multiple mock tests before final test

According to previous learners, the benefits of learning Driving Theory test at our Centre are as follows:
• Learning on our own is not as effective and interesting
• Learning at Bright Learning Centre saves time as we learn quicker
• The test appears to be far easier due to the support
• It is a cost effective way of learning
• A quiet and friendly learning environment
• Tutors support the learners according to their own abilities

You can book this course online or by calling us on 01162101070 Alternatively, you can visit one of centres to enrol Driving theory Test Practice, detailed below. Full guidance will be provided upon completion of bookings. If you have any further query, please contact us via completing Contact us form on our website

  • 4 weeks
  • Award, Level 3
  • Driving Theory Test
  • Awarded By 'DVLA'
  • Guided Learning Hours 20
  • Number Of Modules 14
  • Tutor Support
  • Assessment not Included