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Driving Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test Training Courses (Classroom or Online)

Passing the DVSA Driving Theory Test can be challenging for some people. You have to pass Driving Theory and Practical Test to be able to get your driving licence to drive a Car, Bus, Lorry or Taxi. Following are some reasons why people struggle to pass their Driving Theory Test:
  • Full time education
  • Too busy to practice driving theory test
  • Not motivated enough
  • First language is not English, unable to pass the test because of language difficulties
  • Failed first time and lost their interest
  • Learning difficulties such as dyslexia

Driving Theory Test Training - Car, Bus, Lorry or Taxi

Bright Learning Centre is an accredited training provider in the further education sector, to teach vocational, employment and short courses. Our support has helped many students pass their Driving Theory Test in the first time for Car, Bus, Lorry or Taxi. We have a 99% success rate in all these tests. At Bright Learning Centre, we offer class based (Leicester) or online (Zoom) based driving theory test preparation of: Looking to pass your driving theory test? We are here to help!! For details to book our driving theory test training courses in Leicester, please contact info@brightlearningcentre.co.uk or call: 01162101070

Booking your theory test

  The best option to book your driving theory test is by using the official site, GOV.UK. If you book your test via unofficial website, you might not have any cancellation or rescheduling rights. On some unofficial website you might not be booked on to test at all. It all depends on the Terms and Conditions of the website that you are booking your test with.

You can find your nearest test centre at GOV.UK.

You can also use the official website if you need to change the test date or centre or cancel your test.

If you have special needs, such as hearing or reading difficulties, or if you need the test translated into another language, you might be able to get extra help. Visit GOV.UK to find out about getting help with the theory test.

Car Theory Test

Lorry/Bus Theory Test

Taxi Knowledge Test

Frequently Asked Questions

1How Does the Theory Test Work? And what’s the pass marks?
The Theory Test consists of two parts: 1) Multiple Choice Questions – 50 questions, you need to score 43 to pass. 2) Hazard Perception – 14 video clips, you need to score 44 out of 75 to pass the test.
2How does the multiple-choice question part of the exam work?
There will be random 50 questions for you on the day of your test with diagrams, pictures, and road signs to choose from. At the end of the test, there will a case study part which has 3 videos, and you need to answer questions about what is happening in the video.
3How does the hazard perception part of the exam work?
The hazard perception test measures your ability to handle the developing hazards on the roads such as dangerous pedestrians, car accidents, etc. It consists of 14 video clips, each about a minute long. Each clip shows driving situations involving other road users and shot from a driver's point of view.
4When can I take my theory test?
You can take your theory test if you are 17 years old or above. Make sure you have applied for your provisional driving licence from the government as you cannot take the exam until you have one.
5Can I sit for driving test before my theory test?
No, you need to pass your theory test before your practical test.
6How long is the theory test?
The time limit for both parts of the exam is 2 hours. Before the exam, there is an additional practice part that lasts for 15 minutes. If you want to do this extra practice, you can click “Yes” or “No”. Once you start, it will last for 57 minutes to complete the first part of the exam. You will be given a 3-minute break before starting the hazard perception exam which lasts for 20 minutes.
7How do I book my theory test?
The best way to book your theory test is online by using the official government website. You can find your nearest test centre on the above-mentioned site. While booking the test, make sure you have the below documents: 1) Your Provisional licence to fill your details. 2) Credit or Debit card 3) An e-mail address. Once you booked the exam, you will receive a confirmation email carrying your test details.
8How much does the theory test booking cost?
There are different fees for applying for a theory test. 1) Car - £23 2) Motorcycle - £23 3) LGV - £26 (Multiple choice test) + £11 (Hazard perception)
9When will I receive my theory test exam results?
You will get the exam result at the test centre after taking the theory test. A letter with a pass certificate number is given at the test centre. You require this certificate when you book and take your driving test.
10How long is the theory test valid for?
The theory test certificate is valid for 2 years. Within 2 years, you will need to pass your driving test.
11What happens if I fail my exam?
You will get a letter at the test centre explaining which parts you did not score well, so you can practise accordingly. You can rebook the exam within 3 days.

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