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Steps to Renew Your SIA Security License

Is your SIA license expiring soon? In this article, learn the steps required to Renew the SIA Security License.

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is responsible for regulating the private security sector throughout the United Kingdom. They have two main responsibilities.

  • The compulsory licensing of individuals working within the private security industry.
  • The other is managing the voluntary Approved Contractor Scheme which measures private security suppliers.

The SIA was introduced to safeguard and reassure the public by preventing inappropriate people from gaining positions within the private security industry.

The Security Industry Authority accepts license renewals up to four months before the expiry date of your current license. As SIA licenses do not renew automatically, and hence it is your responsibility to keep a check on your license’s expiry date.

On your behalf, your current employer has the option to renew your SIA security license. However, if that is not a possibility then you will need to renew the license yourself.

Remember, without a valid SIA security license you are not officially allowed to work within the security sector. Therefore, it is recommended that you submit your SIA security license renewal application as soon as possible. This will reduce the risk of a delay that might affect your ability to work in the security industry.


Renew SIA Security Licence

How much does SIA License renewal cost?

The SIA License renewal cost is currently £190 and you should be expected to pay this cost every 3 years to renew your SIA security License.

Please note that additional SIA security training or qualification is only required if you are renewing a door supervisor License and have not attained any of the current License-linked qualifications.

Renewing an SIA License through the employer

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) offers services that allow your employer to renew your SIA License on your behalf. These services are called License Management and License Assist and are available to SIA Approved Contractors only. All private security companies should be SIA-approved Contractors, meaning they are qualified by the SIA to provide security services.

Renewing an SIA License yourself

Step 1 – Register for a personal online account

Create a personal online account on the SIA website enter your details like your email address, and choose a username and password. Once done activate your account through the confirmation email.

Step 2 – Login to your account

Login to access your account and submit your renewal application.  You will be asked for certain personal information and that must match with the existing license information.

Step 3 – Renewal

When you have logged into your account, follow the instructions as stated on the SIA renewal application screen. Click the ‘License’ tab and then ‘Actions’ and ‘Renew’. Complete the process and review your renewal application before sending it. 

Step 4 – Next Steps

Once completed the previous steps, you will receive an email for the next steps. You will then be required to pay for your renewal online or at a post office.

Step 5 – Checks in Progress

At this stage, the SIA will be checking your criminal record. You may receive an email related to these checks and if documentation is required as part of your application.

To speed up the processing of your application, you need to respond promptly to these requests.

Step 6 – Decision

Once your renewal application is successful, SIA will process your renewal for a security license. Within 14 days, you will receive a granted letter and your license card. After confirmation, you can work legally.

If your application is rejected, The SIA will write to you to explain the reason. You will be allowed 21 days to respond by the date of their decision letter.

Working in the security sector

If you are considering a career in the security sector, you could take an SIA Door Supervisor Training, or CCTV Operator Training Course needed to obtain an SIA License.

At Bright Learning Centre, we offer SIA Security Training Courses in Leicester that help you learn the skills and qualifications required to work as a Door Supervisor, Security Guard, or CCTV Operator with our SIA training experts.

And that’s a wrap on our two cents on how to Renew your SIA Security License. We hope we were able to help you out with the information that you need at the moment. In case you require further assistance or information, please feel free to contact us at our learning centers on Evington Road and Melton Road.



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