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First Thing is First Aid

The First Thing is First Aid

The possibility of us having to save someone’s life might not cross our stars as often, but here is the thing, it might be your own. First Aid Skills will not come in handy trying to manage your taxes, but it gives you a chance of knowing the importance of an Epinephrine Autoinjector, also known as an EpiPen. Did you know that is what an EpiPen was called? We did not till First Aid told us. 


Questions we have had this week: ‘Do I have to save a life?’ 

No, you do not, but if you did ever see someone hyperventilating, you would know what to do, better than someone who has never read a page on First Aid. We are not teaching you years’ worth of Doctor worthy content in First Aid, First Aid lets us help you with knowing when to call 999 and when to give someone a glass of water. You know that intrusive thought of ‘what would I do in a fire,’ yesthat is what First Aid helps you answer. This is not a gift from us to you, it’s a gift from you to you; not to mention this gift is valid for three yearsand hey if you do it with a group of up to 12 we will personally save you time and money.  

Let us tell you – How it works – First Aid Skills

You can learn different things with First Aid, some fit you some fit other’s needs. We give you thpossibility of learning certain things by placing extensive focus on different subjects, to best fit diverse levels of depth. This range allows you to choose how confident you are with information handling and applying the information you have been presented. Here are some of the options we have for you right now: 

  • Emergency first aid at work: This is a one-day course. it is usually the least requirement in any workplace where a first aider is needed. This course is ideal for people working in low-hazard environments, such as a retail or corporate environment. 
  • First aid at work: This is a three-day course. It is suitable for those who may need to supply first aid to someone who is injured or becomes ill at worke.g. cuts and bruises 
  • First aid at work re-qualification: First Aid qualification is valid for 3 years. Therefore, this course is for anyone who wants to re-qualify and update the skills they previously learned on the first aid at work course. 
  • Pediatric first aid: This two-day course. It is suitable for those who work with children such as nannies, childminders, and nursery workers. 

Industry experts said 

Becoming trained on first aid methods will help you to feel more secure and confident when deal with emergency situations as you will know the most efficient ways to deal with the situation, so you know, it is not just us saying it.  

Here, give this a go, let us know how well you didSomething says we can guess but go ahead. 


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