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What jobs can you do with a SIA Door Supervisor Licence?
How to Get Your SIA Door Supervisor Licence
How to Get Your SIA Door Supervisor Licence?
Requirements for Becoming a Door Supervisor?

Requirements for Becoming a Door Supervisor?

Requirements for Becoming a Door Supervisor?

requirements for becoming a Door Supervisor

Are you looking to work as a Door Supervisor in the private security industry? But don’t know about which qualifications and skills do you need for becoming a Door supervisor? In this article we will explain about the procedure, qualification, training and all other Requirements for Becoming a Door Supervisor.

Working as a Door Supervisor in Private Security Industry is a very responsible job. As a door supervisor you are part of the team which meets and greets customers/people and the safety and security of the company/premises, the customers and the other staff are your responsibility.  

As we mentioned above that being a door supervisor is a job that demand a lot of responsibility, hence why it’s legally mandatory to complete training before being employed in the industry.  

What Skills you will learn in a Door Supervisor Course?

In order to become a Door Supervisor in private security industry, you must need to complete SIA Door Supervisor Training Course and attain your licence. Following skills you will learn in a SIA Door Supervisor Training, which may also be useful in other lines of work:-

  • Observation – As a Door Supervisor, your perception and will be put on the test. You need to asses very quickly that whether any person is carrying a weapon, if they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, if they are likely cause trouble for the business and whether they are supposed to be at the event.
  • Patrolling and Escorting – As Door Supervisor you need to know how to patrol an area to asses any potential dangers like suspicious behavior or items. Escorting VIPs is also a part of your job, so will learn to know how to protect VIPs and their families or belongings from any type of danger.
  • Conflict Resolution and Proactive Security – The most important part of a Door Supervisor job is to ensure conflict resolution and proactively engage any type of dangers before they happen. This job is not about using forces and get results, but it’s is about the reading the situation and choosing and appropriate response.

What Training Do You Need to Become a Door Supervisor?

  • SIA Door Supervisor Training Course: In order to obtain your SIA Security licence and work as Door Supervisor in the Private Security Industry, you need to show that you have the relevant skills and qualifications. To get your SIA Door Supervisor licence you need to attend a 6 Days Door Supervisor Training Course. At the end of the course there will a 4 multiple question exams and Practical assessment.
  • First Aid Qualification:- In addition of above mentioned qualifications, you must also have an Emergency First Aid qualification or higher. If you do not already have a first aid certificate, then you can attend this qualification with the SIA Top-Up Training Course. 
  • SIA Top-Up Training for Door Supervisors (only for licence renewal): From October 2021, to renew your SIA licence you need to complete Top-Up Training Course. The course duration will be 2 days and after completion of the course there will be multiple choice question exams and practical assessment.

Which skills you will learn in the Door Supervisor Training Course? 

  • Awareness of private security law and health and safety.
  • Fire Safety awareness
  • Communication Skills, customer care and conflict management
  • Searching and arrest skills
  • Drugs awareness
  • Disengagement, escorting and arrest skills
  • Physical Intervention skills
  • Recording incidents and crime preservation

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