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Emergency First Aid at Work training
Emergency First Aid at Work training- whom is it most suited for?
first aid and cpr course near me

First Aid and CPR course- Why should you pursue it?

first aid and cpr course near me

First Aid and CPR course is one of the most popular vocational courses in the UK among working professionals. As per the guidelines laid down by the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations of 1981, all workplaces in the UK, irrespective of scale, are mandatorily required to have certified first aiders as a part of their workforce.  

What makes the First Aid and CPR course so sought after?  

The First Aid and CPR course is popular among working professionals for the following reasons:

  • doesn’t have very advanced minimum entry qualifications
  • has a course duration of 3 days (for the standard FAW course) which makes it easy for busy working professionals to pursue
  • this certification provides the holder with a competitive advantage when it comes to job applicants in the UK.  

How many types of First Aid courses are there? 

The HSE allows the accredited First Aid training providers in the UK to conduct the following 4 First Aid courses: 

  • First Aid requalification Level 2 
  • First Aid Level 3  
  • Pediatric First Aid 
  • Emergency First Aid at Work 

How do I enroll for this course? 

Real Life Stories Where First Aid Training Saved the Day

A lot of training providers in the UK conduct this course. However, you need to be very careful in checking whether these training providers have the required accreditations. A good way to do this is through visiting the centers, google reviews and getting in touch with alumni from that particular institute.  

We at Bright Learning Centre pride ourselves in the quality of our FAW and FAW requalification course. You can also browse through our wide variety of vocational training courses and we are at your service at our learning centers on Melton Road and Evington Road, should you require any further information on the same. Please feel free to contact us, if you’re unable to visit our learning centers.  

How long is this certification valid for? 

The 3-day FAW course is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of issue, and you need to pursue a FAW requalification course of 1 day duration upon expiry of the same, and there is no grace period for pursuing the FAW requalification course.  

Is it necessary for SIA licence holders to pursue this course as well? 

SIA has mandated from April 2021 that all SIA licencees need to have a First Aid qualification as well. Most Security course training providers in the UK now provide an integrated course that includes First Aid training as well.  

What are some of the basic qualifications required to enroll in this course? 

You need to have basic functional skills (Math & English GCSE equivalent) to enroll in the standard FAW course. To enroll for the FAW requalification, you need to have an FAW certificate course that has a date of issue of more than 3 years, on the date of enrollment for requalification.  

We at Bright Learning also provide the option of booking courses as a group. If you have a group of 12 people and are unable to come to our centers to pursue the course, we can come to you.  

What are the basic differences between the Level 2 and Level 3 first aid courses? 

First Thing is First Aid

The Level 2 First Aid at Work course is conducted for a duration of 1 day and is a requalification course, that is it can only be pursued once the Level 3 FAW certification has expired. The Level 3 FAW course is conducted for a duration of 3 days and has a validity of 3 years from the date of issue.  

Can I pursue a First Aid course online in the UK? 

Unfortunately, the HSE doesn’t allow any accredited training providers to conduct the First Aid course online, hence online courses First Aid courses aren’t valid.

And that’s it- that’s a wrap on our two cents on why First Aid and CPR courses are so popular among the UK workforce. We hope we were able to provide you with the information you require at the moment, if not, please feel free to contact us.

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