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Large Vehicle Driving Theory Test

There are two sections to the driving test for LGV (Large Goods Vehicle):

  • a theory test and
  • a practical test

You should clear the theory test before you can step through the practical test.

The theory test has two sections:

  • a multiple choice part and
  • hazard recognition test.

You don't need to take the two pieces of the test around the same time yet you should take them inside two years of one another to get your theory test certificate.

The test is an extremely significant piece of figuring out how to drive a LGV since when you get to your practical test you'll have to demonstrate that you can use what you realize for this test when you're driving on the road.

It's vital to plan for your theory test; it might be some time since you last refreshed your insight into the guidelines of the street. The better prepared you are, the almost certain you are to pass first time, which will spare you the time and cash that retaking the test will cost.

Getting ready for the multiple choice test:

The questions in the multiple choice test are taken from three books:

  • The Official Highway Code
  • The Official DVSA Guide to Driving Goods Vehicles
  • Know Your Traffic Signs.

You'll have to use these when you're getting ready. There are loads of items accessible that contain practice questions yet it's extremely significant you don't simply gain proficiency with the appropriate responses without understanding the questions fully because the questions on the real test aren't exactly the same as the practice ones.

Using official publications will enable you to take advantage of your preparation. You can find these and more on our online shop. Or check out the Official DVSA Learning Zone.

To enable you to become accustomed to how the multiple choice test looks on-screen, you can work on doing the test on the web. You can also test your comprehension of street signs, with our free practice test.

The multiple choice test covers the following topics:

  • Vehicle weights and measurements
  • Drivers’ hours and rest periods
  • Braking systems
  • The driver
  • The road
  • Incidents, accidents and emergencies
  • Vehicle condition
  • Leaving the vehicle
  • Vehicle loading
  • Restricted view
  • Essential documents
  • Environmental issues
  • Other road users
  • Road and traffic signs.