Where can I find tutors in Leicester
Where can I find tutors in Leicester?
Teacher training course GOV UK
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Pearson Edexcel Award

Pearson Edexcel Award

Pearson Edexcel Award

Edexcel, which is Pearson’s leading vocational qualification brand, has been helping people succeed in life through learning for nearly 20 years. The qualifications offered by Edexcel include GCSEs, A-levels, international GCSEs, as well as some vocational qualifications including NVQs and functional skills. Edexcel’s qualifications integrate international content with a progressive approach which enables learners to achieve their full potential in today’s global economy.

Recent changes in GCSE qualification in Wales

How to make the most of online tuition classes for revision purposes

Qualification reviews for England, Northern Ireland and Wales have undergone changes, that reflect in the following ways:

  1. Pearson has not developed any new modular specifications for GCSE qualifications in Wales. Wales still retains its own modular approach at both GCSE, AS and A level, with the option of appearing for reattempts to improve the overall grade.
  2. Certain qualifications in Wales have very few learners for awarding organizations to develop qualifications for award only in Wales. Only publicly funded learning programmes in Wales and reformed qualifications in England have linear assessment and 9-1 grading.

Pearson put forward the following GCSE qualifications for designation:

GCSEs for first teaching from 2017:

Pearson Edexcel GCSEs are undertaken by students of school leaving age and is conducted in over 40 subjects.

Pearson Learner Award

GCSE 2024- Revision for GCSE exams

The Pearson Learner Award is awarded to the meritorious students who score the highest marks in international GCSEs and A-Level exams. This award underwent a hiatus until 2022 and was thereby resumed.

The Global Outstanding Pearson Learner Award is awarded to learners worldwide who have scored outstandingly in Pearson Edexcel iPrimary, iLowerSecondary, International GCSE, GCSE, International A level and A level examinations.

Here are the key details about the Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards (OPLAs):

  1. Award Categories:
    • The Highest Mark in the World: This award is awarded to the learner who has achieved the highest marks globally in a single subject.
    • The Highest Mark in the Region: This award is awarded to the learner who has scored the highest marks in a particular subject in a specific region.
    • The Highest Mark in the Country: Celebrates learners who achieve the highest marks in their subject within their own country.

And that’s it! That’s a wrap on our two cents on the Pearson Edexcel Award and training courses. We really hope that we were able to provide you with the information that you require at the moment. We at Bright Learning Centre pride ourselves in the quality of our vocational courses and tuitions.


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