Car driving theory Leicester

Booking Your Test

You should have a temporary driving permit to book your theory test.

There are 2 sections to the test:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Hazard perception - a video test about spotting hazards on the road

You book and accept them as a single test. You should pass the two sections to clear the test.

Who needs to take the theory test?

You generally need to take the theory test before you can get your car driving license.Through Car driving theory Leicester candidate can learn more about driving in UK. You don't have to take the car theory test in the event that you , Need to redesign a programmed car permit to a manual one.

Theory test revision and practice

You can utilize books and software to revise for the theory test and take practice tests.

Multiple-choice questions:

The multiple-choice questions in the theory test are based on 3 books:

  • The Highway Code
  • Realize your traffic signs
  • Driving - the essential skills

Concentrate these to get familiar with the guidelines and abilities you'll be tested on.

Take a practice test

Take a practice theory test to check the amount you’ve learnt.

The inquiries aren't used in the genuine test; however they depend on the same topics as the test.

Hazard perception test:

To prepare for this test you can use the official manual to hazard perception.

You can purchase the guide in these configurations:

  • Online for your PC or Mac
  • APP for Apple phones and tablets
  • APP for Android phones and tablets

Multiple-choice questions

You have 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions.

Before the test begins you'll get:

  • Directions on how the test functions
  • The opportunity to do some training inquiries to get used to the screens

Leaving a question

You can 'flag' questions that you want to come back to later.

Changing your answers

You can go back to any question to review and change your answer at any point.

When you’ve wrapped up

You can complete the multiple-choice questions part when you’ve answered all of the questions. You don't need to use the full 57 minutes.

You can have a break of up to 3 minutes before the hazard perception test begins.