Why Consider a Career as a Security Guard?

security guard career

Most of the time, being a security guard can be disregarded by most. The majority, however, are not aware that working as a security guard can lead to great career opportunities. Without security guards, criminal activity would be far more likely, which makes their position crucial. Security work is a physically demanding occupation with a wide range of prospects. A security guard’s annual salary ranges from £18,000 to £32,000 on average, according to National Careers, depending on experience and duties. The only job requirement- English language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening equivalent to the Level 1 functional skills in Literacy, it will not take you long to kick start a career in security. Here we state 3 reasons why you should consider a career as a security guard:

  1. Being a security guard gives you good employability:- 

    A profession as a security guard will always be in demand because businesses and individuals are constantly concerned about security. Being an SIA-certified security professional gives you strong work reliability. There are many roles that you can undertake whilst being a security guard.

    Some examples include:

    • Event security
    • Bodyguard
    • Store security guard
    • Guard cash or other valuables
    • Guard the boundaries of important facilities – such as airports
    • Patrol premises and secure doors
    • Check staff and visitors in and out of premises

    Alongside this, there is potential to professionally develop in different areas of security work such as;

    • Security supervisor
    • Security manager
    • Contract manager
    • Facilities manager

    Being a security guard can also be a great stepping stone into other areas of work due to the transferable skills you would pick up. This could include careers within the police force, law enforcement, public safety, etc.

  2. Rewarding experiences:-

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Being a security guard can be an extremely rewarding career. A job in security can bring a sense of duty. It is your responsibility to maintain safety and protect the greater public and businesses from any potential harm that could come their way. Therefore, this could be considered one of the more meaningful jobs in today’s society. Often, people are grateful to be in the presence of a security guard, especially at big events. Along with this, being a security guard comes with a great social aspect, meeting lots of different people from all walks of life within your working day. Therefore, it can be rewarding to complete each shift.

3. Prepared for emergency situations:-

Along with the course to become a security guard, it is now compulsory to have a First Aid qualification to become a security guard. The SIA has now made it mandatory for security professionals to have a First Aid qualification as well. This will certainly be helpful to further your career within the security industry, however, this can be extremely beneficial for situations outside of being a security guard, enabling you to potentially be able to help someone in need.

If these 3 reasons were able to convince you to consider a career as a security guard, head to brightlearningcentre.co.uk for further information on the same. We at Bright Learning Centre pride ourselves in the quality of our wide variety of vocational training courses. Feel free to contact us or walk into any of our learning centers on Melton Road and Evington Road, where we are available all days of the week (except Fridays) for any assistance you may require.


Why Consider a Career as a Security Guard?

Why Consider a Career as a Security Guard? Most of the time, being a security guard can be disregarded by most. The majority, however, are not […]
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