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CCTV Operator Training Course Leicester

A CCTV (closed circuit television) operator works in a central control room, monitoring and controlling a bank of screens. These are linked to surveillance cameras placed in public places, buildings and places such as construction sites, to detect and prevent crime, and protect people.
In order to obtain SIA license and work as CCTV Operator within Private Security Industry you will need to show that you are trained to the right level and you have relevant qualifications. To get a CCTV Operator license you will need to attend a Level 2 CCTV operator course and pass the exams. The course will be delivered in 3 consecutive days. We at Bright learning run CCTV Operator course in Leicester twice a month. At the end of the course, there will be 2 multiple questions exams. Please call us to check our forthcoming course dates.

Course Options

This course is available to study in Online or Classroom.

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Price: £450.00

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What do our learners say:

Course overview

The course will allow you to study with us in Classroom based environment.

You will receive all of the course material and support from our qualified and experienced tutors. We will be giving you advice and helping you throughout your course to support your learning journey.

The CCTV Operator Training Course is Suitable for:

This course is suitable for new entrants or other security personnel who would like to widen their skills and be eligible to apply for a SIA Licence to work as a door supervisor within Private Security Industry. Once you have gained this qualification you would be able to work as a Door Supervisor in the UK and your employment chances will increase. Following are some reasons why people choose to do this course:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Part time and Full time roles available
  • Multiple employment opportunities
  • Extra money on the weekends and night shifts
  • Double the value to your Employer if you have Door Supervisor and CCTV Licence

Study Method:

At Bright Learning centre, this course is delivered by our qualified and experienced tutors. We deliver this course to meet individual’s needs, therefore you can complete this course by the following method:

Classroom-Based Learning:

We deliver this course in classroom based environment only. It is 6 days course including first Aid qualification. Learners must attend all 6 days to gain this qualifcation. 


You will be assessed on each course units seperately. Each unit will be assessed by a Multiple choice exam. For each question, you will have to choose the correct answer from 4 options provided to you.

  • This unit 4 is also assessed by practical observations while demonstrating physical Intervention Skills. 

All of the assessments will be conducted within the course duration. You will also writing evidential statement and completing the search scenario.

We understand that exams can be daunting or nervous for many candidates. Many candidates on the course have not sat an examination in a long time. The trainer on the course will equip you with all the knowledge needed to pass.

Course content

The SIA CCTV course Leicester runs over 3 consecutive days and is divided into three units:

  • Know the main characteristics of the private security industry
  • Understand legislation as it applies to the individual in carrying out a licensable activity
  • Understand the importance of safe working practices to comply with legal requirements
  • Understand fire procedures in the workplace
  • Understand emergencies and the importance of emergency procedures
  • Understand the importance of communication skills and customer care
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the CCTV operator and other CCTV staff
  • Understand CCTV codes of practice, operational procedures and guidelines
  • Understand relevant legislation and how it impacts on CCTV operations
  • Understand the importance of communication within CCTV operations
  • Understand emergency procedures in the CCTV control room
  • Understand the characteristics of a CCTV system
  • Understand health and safety relevant to the CCTV operator
  • Understand how to use CCTV equipment
  • Be able to operate the CCTV system

Extra info

Entry Requirements:

There is no formal requirement for this course as long as the candidate has Level 1 functional skills (Numeracy and Literacy). You will also have to provide your Photo Identification such as Passport or Full UK driving Licence, Passport size photograph and Proof of Address (not more than 3 months old).

What certificate am I going to receive?

Successful candidates will receive a Level 2 Award in working as a CCTV Operator certificate from an awarding body within England and Wales who are currently recognised by Ofqual and Department for Education and Skills.

Awarding Body

PEARSON is an Awarding Organisation recognised by the qualification regulators for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The regulators are the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) in England, the Welsh Government in Wales and the Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) in Northern Ireland.

PEARSON aim to provide qualifications that meet the needs of industry. They are designed by leading professionals and delivered to centres and learners with integrity and compliance in mind.

What careers can I choose with this qualification?

Learners who will successfully complete Level 2 Award in working as CCTV Operator are eligible to work as CCTV Operator within private security industry. In UK, CCTV cameras are everywhere. Once completed this qualification and gained CCTV licence, you will be working as following:

  • Sitting in front of a bank of up to 15 screens, constantly monitoring the live pictures that come in from the surveillance cameras
  • Operating the position of the cameras, for example if a cash machine is about to be emptied, you would focus the camera on the security guard
  • Monitoring anyone acting suspiciously, and alerting security staff or police if you see an act of theft, vandalism or any other crime
  • Monitoring cleaning staff working in large empty buildings for their safety
  • Notifying the police of any anti-social behaviour
  • Keeping a log of all incidents to pass onto police
  • Called to give evidence in court as a witness


This qualification is designed for new entrants or other security personnel who would like to widen their skills and wishing to apply for a licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to work as a CCTV Operator in Public Space Surveillance.

The CCTV Operator course runs over 3 consecutive days and is divided into 3-course modules: Unit 1- Working within the Private Security Industry. Unit 2- Working as a CCTV Operator within the Private Security Industry. Unit 3 – Practical Operation of CCTV Equipment within the Private Security Industry.

Yes, this course involves the practical operation and hands-on experience working with CCTV systems.

CCTV Operator exam results are available within five working days of your exam date.

You will receive CCTV Operator certificates within 7 working days of course completion and passing the examination.

Once you achieve this qualification, it is then valid for three years. Please note: To apply for your SIA Licence, you do not need a certificate.


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