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GCSE 2024- Revision for GCSE exams

GCSE 2024- Revision for GCSE exams

GCSE 2024- Revision for GCSE exams

With the GCSEs around the corner in May, most students (and their parents) are probably biting their nails till they bleed. While we say that in jest, we do not undermine the fact that it’s a very stressful time for the student and parent community alike, and in this article, we put forth our 2 cents on how students can optimize their revision for GCSE exams. 

  1. Do not switch your revision schedule:

    In our experience, students are either early risers or night owls. While the pressure to be productive when it comes to revision is very real with only a few months remaining, it’s never a good idea to switch the revision time that your brain is most used to. We firmly advise you to stick to your normal study routine, and of course make the best of those hours, whichever time of day they may be. 

  2. Do not try to cover new topics during the last lap of revision:

    As a student, you might be enticed to study topics that you haven’t prepared beforehand during these crucial last few months. While it’s the best study strategy to know a little bit about each topic in the syllabus, it’s not a good idea to begin learning new topics in depth at this time. 

  3. Test the effectiveness of your preparation by practicing previous years’ question papers:

    While studying for GCSEs is a year-long process, students do tend to get lost when it comes to revising the entire year’s syllabus in a few months. The most important question that bugs students is, how effective will my prep turn out to be? The most effective way we know of to ease your worries around this is to practice mock tests and previous years’ question papers. How to revise for the upcoming GCSE exams 2024

  4. Make time for your hobbies:

    Be it sports, or solo activities like reading, make sure to take regular breaks and spend time on your hobbies. While studying for long hours may seem enticing during these last few months, it’s never effective. Trust us, your brain needs the breaks. But if the breaks or hobbies in general consist of increased screen time, we wouldn’t recommend that, just putting this out there, no offence meant. 

  5. Don’t compare revision strategies:

    This is the most difficult to do, we’ve all been there, but it’s an utter waste of time. That said, it’s a great coping mechanism to deal with the stress of revision, but when it comes to making actual progress with revision itself, we’ll say it again- it’s an utter waste of time! 

  6. Don’t swap notes with your buddies:

    Probably the most controversial thing we’re saying in this article here, we will say it nonetheless- do not swap notes with your buddies. If your buddies need your notes, run to the nearest xerox machine but do not include new notes into your revision strategy- stick to your own.  

And that’s it, that’s a wrap on our take on how you can optimize your revision for GCSE exams. In case you need help with revising for any of your subjects, feel free to contact us or hop over to our learning centers on Evington Road and Melton Road, where we conduct Math and English tuitions every Tuesday and Thursday. We’re at your service for enquiries around the same from 9 AM to 5 PM EST, all days of the week (except Fridays). 

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