How to revise for the upcoming GCSE exams 2024
How to revise for the upcoming GCSE exams 2024
How to make the most of online tuition classes for revision purposes
How to make the most of online tuition classes for GCSE revision
How does pursuing reading as a hobby help you as a student

How does pursuing reading as a hobby help you as a student?

How does pursuing reading as a hobby help you as a student

Reading has been the preferred mode of entertainment for a lot of generations that came before the digital era. Most official work was also conducted through pen and paper mode, and hence screen time was reduced to a bare minimum. This stands in sharp contrast to the present age, where the presence of screens has led to an increase in adolescent anxiety and allied mental health conditions.  

Even the older generations, who had to adapt to the paradigm shift to computers and touchscreens for work purposes, have developed various health conditions, the underlying cause of which is prolonged exposure to screens both at work and otherwise.  

While it’s next to impossible to mitigate screentime in today’s day and age, inculcating reading as a hobby, irrespective of your age, is a scientifically proven way to counteract the damage that screens cause, and preserve cognitive function.  

Reading, even as little as 10-15 minutes a day sharpens linguistic skills and cognitive function and strengthens long-term memory, or so various research undertakings report.  

When we say reading, it doesn’t really matter what you read- from your favourite novels to the daily newspaper, the cognitive benefits you derive remain the same. That leaves you with very few excuses to not take up reading as a hobby now, doesn’t it? 

While we do say taking up reading as a hobby provides cognitive health benefits to people of all ages, the younger you start, the better and more long-lasting the benefits remain.  

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It also helps with the constant sensory overload that constantly being on your phone or laptop puts you through and helps your mind to relax. This is basically what the practice of mindfulness states- being present in the moment, without anything else distracting you.  

While personally we prefer the musty smelling books in old libraries, even reading on your Kindle has its own merits, but way fewer than printed paper books. It’s not just us who say this, it’s also backed by research. 

Reading also improves vocabulary, and if you’ve been facing problems around the same, just mugging up the entire dictionary won’t really work (yep, guilty as charged). The English language usage is more about using words and phrases as per the context, more than anything else. While mugging up a dictionary does help you get to know more words, they’re merely words if you don’t know which context to apply them in- a classic bookworm conundrum of which we’re, again, guilty as charged.  

Reading also helps you build empathy, which paves the way for future career success. In our professional experience, it’s the way you navigate social situations in the workplace that makes or breaks your career, and there’s more nuance to this than just applying what you’ve learned in grad school.  

Reading a little before bed can also help deal with the mass insomnia that’s wreaking havoc with Gen-Z’s mental health. A good night’s sleep is crucial to being productive the next day, and as they say, early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise- if and only if, you can put your phone to the side an hour before calling it a day.  

And that’s it- that’s our two cents on how reading can help you build cognitive function in the long run, and hence provide you with the skill of a robust long-term memory, which provides you with good health way beyond what supplements and medicines can provide.  

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