Food and Hygiene Course Why you need one for a career in the food services industry
Food and Hygiene Course: Why do you need one for a career in the food services industry?
CSCS Green card Qualifications required, costs, time & application procedure
CSCS Green card: Qualifications required, costs, time & application procedure
Functional skills important

Functional Skills: Why are they so important?

Functional skills important

We use arithmetic and English daily, even though we may not think so! When composing emails or messages, or reading text and application forms, we utilize the English language. Whether you’re in sales conversing directly with prospective clients, or a techie building code as per communications received from clients, your proficiency with the English language may well be what seals the deal, or otherwise. Why else are functional skills so important- read on to find out!

Math skills are required in almost every field in human existence, whether you’re an archeologist aspiring to find the lost tomb of Cleopatra (you’ll need math skills to pinpoint its geolocation as per your historical investigation), a chef running a diner (costing, calibrating proportions of ingredients for recipes, the list is endless here) or a corporate professional (lets just not go there, that’ll get too dark for this beautiful, sunny winter morning).

Knowing how to utilize math skills is crucial because they are all-pervading and no, you can’t really evade math by opting for a Fine Arts major- it’s quite the hydra monster in that sense, chop off one head and two take its place, and at the worst possible timing no less. Building your knowledge, abilities, and confidence in these areas can be facilitated by a functional skills course.

Functional skills course: A boon to high school dropouts

Functional skills courses are an excellent option if you struggled in school or dropped out without earning your GCSEs since they are shorter than standard GCSE courses and allow you to learn in a way that suits you best. We at Bright Learning pride ourselves in the quality of our functional skills courses and provide customizable alternatives for the same to meet your unique learning style.

Acquiring proficiency in English and mathematics can also be beneficial for career and training prospects.

Functional Skills qualifications important

Almost all firms accept level 2 Functional skills English and math scores. This will help you advance in your career, as most employers want a C grade or level 4 at the GCSEs. Additionally, since the majority of training opportunities—such as apprenticeships—require proficiency in arithmetic and English, and having all your ducks in a row as regards functional ability will be quite helpful. If you are currently employed in your desired field, you can still utilize math and English daily to assist with project planning or business budget management, for example.

Functional skills are appropriate for people of all skill levels and learning preferences.

Upskilling: The whats and the whys

Upskilling simply refers to seizing the chance to keep improving your abilities whether enrolled in school or working.

For instance, if you are finishing a kickstart role and have previously completed your GCSE in math and English, you may decide to “upskill” to increase your proficiency in these subjects. You may select how to finish this, and it would proceed in the same manner as other functional skills. You might choose to take an intensive course or use self-study at home to advance your skills.

Math Functional skills important

People who are involved and take pride in their work, life, and education are sought after by employers and training providers. One method to demonstrate your dedication to your work and advancement is to upskill!

And that’s it- that’s a wrap on our take on what makes Functional skills so important in today’s day and age. We at Bright Learning Centre provide industry-standard Functional skills courses. Apart from this, we conduct a wide variety of other courses as well. In case you need any further information on the same, please feel free to contact us or walk right in through the door at our learning centers on Evington Road and Melton Road. 

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