CCTV operator jobs - what are the requirements of CCTV jobs
CCTV operator jobs – what are the requirements of CCTV jobs?
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CCTV operator licence - requirements, fees, and much more

CCTV operator licence – requirements, fees, and much more

CCTV operator licence - requirements, fees, and much more

CCTV operators have one of the most pivotal roles in any organization, as they oversee keeping track of operations within the security department. As such, CCTV operators must have a keen eye for any deviations from the natural order of things to avoid mishaps before they happen. While averting disasters may not always be possible, CCTV operators must be adept at apprehending abettors of crimes to mitigate damage, if not avert it. In this article, we present our opinion on CCTV operator licence – requirements, fees, and much more.

While this is very vast ground to cover, it’s not even nearly as impossible to display these skills on your resume as you may now be thinking. In this article, we highlight a few top skills that recruiters are always on the lookout for, regardless of years of experience. While industry experience is held in high regard, you can get your foot in the door provided you effectively highlight the upcoming skills from your general work experience, even if it’s in a different industry or cadre.  

CCTV skills on resume

The following are certain skills that would help you land a job in the CCTV operator cadre, should you be able to effectively demonstrate the same on your resume.  

  1. Overseeing installation and positioning of security equipment: While the task of actually installing the security equipment isn’t a CCTV operator’s per se, CCTV operators do need to pay close attention to where the security equipment is being positioned, to eliminate all blind spots and be able to ensure seamless surveillance of the premises.  
  2. Being well-informed about data protection policies, CCTV codes of practice, human rights, etc: A security professional stands at the juncture of where the world inside the organization meets the outside world. On one hand, they need to have their eyes and ears open at all times to ensure things keep running smoothly. On the other hand, too much of this “good thing” and security professionals may end up seeing red flags where they don’t exist. It’s a very fine line to walk and even the most experienced professionals find themselves in a fix when faced with this particular challenge.  
  3. Excellent communication skills: All security professionals need to be effective communicators, be it in written or verbal. From a security standpoint, effective communication skills are top of the list, as security professionals often find themselves in make-or-break situations where miscommunication ensures the wheels fall off the bandwagon.  
  4. Ability to intervene in case of nefarious agenda getting detected: While we do say that we mean that in the most dignified way as the situation permits. While intervention is necessary, charging in with horns aimed at perceived perpetrators creates more problems than solutions.  
  5. Keeping track of paperwork: Book-keeping and maintenance of records forms a huge part of all security professionals’ task lists. All operations within the security framework of an organization should ideally have a paper trail (electronic, hardware or otherwise), and these should be maintained for future reference.  
  6. Exceptional interpersonal skills: All security professionals, regardless of cadre or rank, must be able to forge effective work relationships to ensure the smooth functioning of the department.  

And that’s it- that’s a wrap on our two cents on CCTV operator licence. We really hope we were able to help you with the information that you needed at the moment and are at your service at our training centers on Melton Road and Evington Road all week (except Fridays) from 9 AM to 5 PM EST. 

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